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Barkod:9780471022053  Sayfa Sayısı:505  Ebat:0-0  Baskı:1997-   Kod:0-471-02205-5
Harry R. Matthews, PhD, Richard Freedland, PhD, Roger L. Miesfeld, PhD No scientific discipline has experienced such explosive growth or attracted so much popular attention over the past several decades as the study of life at the molecular level. The most quantitative of biological sciences, biochemistry studies the chemical components of living matter; the reactions these components undergo; the energetic changes that accompany such reactions; and the organization, replication, and expression of genes. Biochemistry: A Short Course introduces students to the fundamentals of this fascinating scientific discipline. Based on the authors years of experience teaching graduate, undergraduate, and professional courses, this comprehensive introduction caters to the specific needs of researchers and students who must familiarize themselves rapidly with core concepts, principles, and theories. Students are afforded a unique opportunity to arrive at a full understanding of important current and pending achievements in the field, without having to wade through extraneous technical details and lengthy theoretical discussions more appropriate to a lab manual or specialized text. Identifies key concepts and covers the essentials for nonmajors and anyone looking for a concise review of modern aspects of biochemistry Ideal for quick review, follows the critically acclaimed Short Course format, with abundant clear illustrations of key concepts Includes closely related areas of molecular and cell biology Features practical examples, including cancer and other diseases, drawn primarily from humans Here is the ideal textbook for medical students as well as graduates and undergraduates in biochemistry, medical biochemistry, and molecular biology courses. It is also an excellent selection for technicians and related professionals who want to review modern aspects of biochemistry in a concise format.