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Barkod:9780130319166  Sayfa Sayısı:0  Ebat:0-0  Baskı:2001-  Kod:0-13-031916-3
In the fifth edition of his successful text, "IBM[registered] PC Assembly Language and Programming", Peter Abel thoroughly covers a full range of programming levels. This revised edition is designed to assist the reader in learning assembly language programming. It introduces the simpler elements of the hardware and the language, and provides technical details and instruction as needed. "IBM[registered] PC Assembly Language and Programming" features: the hardware components of the PC; machine language code and hexadecimal format; the steps involved with assembling, linking, and executing programs; writing programs in assembly language to handle the keyboard, screen and mouse, convert between data formats, perform table searches and sorts, handle disk operations, and more; tracing machine execution as an aid in program debugging; writing macro instructions to facilitate faster coding; and linking separately assembled programs into one executable program.;The fifth edition offers a variety of new material, including more details on video components and video operations, revised and additional program examples, more information about protected mode, stack usage, addressing modes, as well as array handling.