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Barkod:9780471230700  Sayfa Sayısı:826  Ebat:0-0  Baskı:2004-  Kod:0-471-23070-7
Stay on top of constant change in the global economy!

Will the euro become the leading international currency? Is the U.S. trade deficit sustainable? Has terrorism slowed the process of globalization? Will China be the next economic superpower?

To keep up with the latest issues and controversies in international economics, you need a book that keeps the pace with our rapidly changing world. Thoroughly updated and revised, the Eighth Edition of Dominic Salvatore’ s INTERNATIONAL ECONOMICS presents the crucial changes that have taken place recently in the world economy, from serious trade disputes among the United States, the European Union, Japan, and developing countries, to the introduction of the euro as the second most important international currency in the world.

"Features 120 real-world examples and applications demonstrate the immediate relevance of the material. The text’ s balanced presentation of policy controversies allows the reader to consider different sides of crucial issues. INTERNATIONAL ECONOMICS first presents principles and theories at an intuitive level that’ s easy to comprehend. Appendices provide more rigorous coverage. INTERNet sections provide Web links to data sources, information, and analyses fir the topics presented in each chapter. The book’ s Web site presents additional examples, cases, and theoretical points, as well as constantly updated content.