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Barkod:9780321263544  Sayfa Sayısı:832  Ebat:0-0  Baskı:2005-   Kod:0-321-26354-5
DISTRIBUTED SYSTEMS Concepts and Design Fourth Edition George Coulouris Jean Dollimore Tim Kindberg This book is simply the standard by which all other Distributed Systems texts are measured. Amazon.co.uk review of the third edition. From mobile phones to the Internet, our lives depend increasingly on distributed systems linking computers and other devices together in a seamless and transparent way. The fourth edition of this best-selling text continues to provide a comprehensive source of material on the principles and practice of distributed computer systems and the exciting new developments based on them, using a wealth of modern case studies to illustrate their design and development. Highlights of the fourth edition include: Three entirely new chapters on peer-to-peer systems, web services, and mobile and ubiquitous systems. More than 25 detailed case studies of well-known systems, eight of them new, including studies of the Grid, Cooltown, Bluetooth and the (in)security of the WiFi WEP protocol. Updated coverage of XML and its security extensions, the Advanced Encryption Standard and security design for ubiquitous systems.;Distributed Systems provides students of computer science and engineering with the skills they will need to design and maintain software for distributed applications. It will also be invaluable to software engineers and systems designers wishing to understand new and future developments in the field. George Coulouris is a Senior Visiting Fellow in the Computer Laboratory at the University of Cambridge. Jean Dollimore was, until her retirement, Senior Lecturer in computer science at Queen Mary College, University of London. Tim Kindberg is a Senior Researcher at Hewlett-Packard Laboratories in Bristol. Check out www cdk4.net or www pearsoned.co.uk/coulouris for a rich set of resources for students and instructors, including: The book bibliography with links to relevant online references. PowerPoint teaching slides. Presentation guidelines for instructors. Solutions to all exercises (for instructors only). Material from previous editions that will not fit in this one. Source code for all program listings. Links to many courses using the book. A carefully maintained errata list and more!