About HeinOnline

HeinOnline, named to the 2007 EContent 100 "list of companies that matter most in the digital industry," is the world's largest image-based legal research database. With almost 50 million pages of legal information at the touch of a button, HeinOnline is a virtual treasure trove of resources for legal researchers and professionals worldwide.

All content within HeinOnline is image-based in PDF format, from inception and fully searchable, making it the most user-friendly database available.

Brief History

Over the course of 80 years, William S. Hein & Co., Inc. established itself as a leading preservation publisher by producing long out-of-print legal research materials in reprint and microfilm/fiche format and also became the world's largest distributor of legal periodicals. In the early 1990s Hein began to use digital print technology in anticipation of what the future might hold for the use of digital images.

As the Internet became exceedingly popular in the late 1990s it was clear that Hein had positioned itself in a manner that could benefit legal researchers across the globe. The millions of pages saved in digital format, as well as the microfilm/fiche images that could be converted into digital format, meant that Hein could now deliver content to the desktops of researchers anywhere in the world! Working closely with Cornell Information Technologies (Cornell University) Hein established HeinOnline (http://heinonline.org), a product that would initially provide online access to historical legal periodical content that was not available in any other online resource. Best of all, the content would be in the original page-image (PDF) format, ensuring the authenticity of the original hardcopy document in an online environment.

Shortly after launching in mid-2000 HeinOnline was already on its way to changing online legal research. Early institutional subscribers saw the value that online page-images brought to the legal research community and encouraged Hein to add content beyond the scope of historical legal periodicals. As a result, Hein expanded its initial goal and HeinOnline began to deliver more and more content that was needed by today's legal researchers.

Today, HeinOnline content spans multiple library collections, and subscribers in more than 150 countries enjoy online access to tens of millions of pages of research material that in many instances is only available online in HeinOnline.

Web : www.heinonline.org