About Faulkner Information Services

Faulkner Information Services has been a respected provider of IT and communications information services for some 40 years. Our subscribers include business planners, consultants, service providers, IT staff, libraries, technology providers, and government agencies. Faulkner was among the first to deliver its core services in electronic format on CD-ROM, in Lotus Notes, in HTML for intranets, and over the World Wide Web.

Faulkner's dedicated analysts, researchers, technologists, and editors continually track the events and trends that are shaping and redefining the computer and communications marketplace. Faulkner data bases, reports, and primary research studies help both providers and end users understand the implications surrounding the frequent shifts and breakthroughs in the rapidly-converging world of computing, data networking, and telecommunications.

Faulkner covers the broad spectrum of IT and converging communications issues in its subscription-based information services. We also provide custom publishing and research services.

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